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Cheap Face Mask Treatment For Oily Skin

Do you have an oily face? If so, then you will definitely need something that can control that skin type of yours. But with the advent of commercial products that are effective yet very expensive, you may need another alternative. Fortunately there is a cheaper way. You can make a homemade face mask for oily skin with ingredients you can find in your own home.

One homemade face mask for oily skin comes from mixing oatmeal and honey. Take ¼ pack of rolled oatmeal and 3 tablespoons of honey.  Mix them all together in the blender. You may need to add more honey to make the mixture smoother and better to apply onto the face. Once the mixture is good enough for you, apply it onto your skin and leave it for 25 minutes. Wash it off with warm water after the time is up. You will definitely feel the skin of your face less oily than before. You can also add oil free moisturizing cream to add to that glow of the skin and keep the oil from accumulating after the mask.

Face Mask treatment for Oily Skin

Face Mask treatment for Oily Skin

Another recipe for a homemade face mask for oily skin is to use strawberries and yogurt. Choose four ripe strawberries and mash them in a bowl. Once the berries are mashed well, put in one teaspoon of yogurt and mix well until it reaches a good consistency. Apply the mixture over your face and let it settle for 10-15 minutes. Wash it off with lukewarm water once the time is up.  This will definitely leave you with a good skin as well as exfoliate some of the dead oily skin off your face.

One of the quickest recipes to make for your oily skin is the banana honey face mask.  All you need is 1 banana, 1 tbsp. of honey and 10 drops of lemon juice. Mash the banana first into a smooth consistency. Mix the honey and lemon juice and stir it into a good soft mixture. Apply the concoction onto the face and leave it for 15 minutes. Take it all off with a warm washcloth.

These are only a few of the simple ways that you can make a face mask in your own home. They are proven effective for some persons only because each person reacts differently to each face mask. Search and try out all possible masks that are good for your skin and use them. Ensure that you are not allergic to the ingredients being used. Once you have found one, keep using it until you get the desired effect.




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